The Belmont Suspension Light by Pablo Designs and Brad Ascalon

The Belmont

Belmont was a Pablo collaboration with designer Brad Ascalon. Created in 2017, the project is focused on re-envisioning the traditional fabric shade lamp but with the warmth and preciousness of hand crafted furniture. Belmont displays an exquisite array premium wool textiles paired with a handcrafted solid oak armature.


As the Pablo Studio team lead on Belmont, I worked taking it from a concept to a manufactured product, resolving even the tiniest design details to ensure that Belmont's warm, fully dimmable LED light had the highly crafted style and quality that Pablo Lights are known for.

Belmont Pendant Light with warm glow from below.

Natural materials

The Belmont uses 100% woven wool fabric around a hand built shade that is suspended by a central solid oak support.  


Inside the Belmont pendant is a highly efficient array of LED lights that provides 1200 lumens of light.

Mustard colored Belmont overhead light displaying oak hanging block.

Belmont has a matching solid wood canopy cover that magnetizes to the canopy, allowing for easy installation and height adjustment.